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Data bank of environmental properties of chemicals

CAS-number :
Sumformula of the chemical :
EINECS-number :
Water solubility, mg/l :
10  < 10, MITI 1992
Boiling point, °C :
169  169-171, MITI 1992
Log octanol/water coefficient, log Pow :
3.63  Sangster 1989
Henry's law constant, Pa x m3/mol :
570.8  calc. Yaws et al. 1991
Photochemical degradation in air :
Photooxidation half-life in air:
16hr - 1.6hr, based upon measured vapor-phase photooxidation 
rate constant with OH (Howard 1991).
Photochemical degradation in water :
Photooxidation half-life in water:
4.9yr - 44d, based upon measured aqueous photooxidation rate 
constant with hydroxyl radicals (Howard 1991).
Half-life in air, days :
0.67  16hr - 1.6hr,
0.07  based upon measured photooxidation rate constant with OH.
  Howard 1991
Half-life in soil, days :
28  4w - 7d,
scientific judgement based upon estimated aqueous aerobic biodegradation half-lives.
  Howard 1991
Half-life in water, days :
28  28d - 7d,
in surface water: scientific judgement based upon estimated aqueous aerobic biodegradation half-life,
56  8w - 14d,
14  in ground water: scientific judgement based upon estimated aqueous aerobic biodegradation half-lives.
  Howard 1991
Aerobic degradation in water :
Aerobic half-life:
4w - 7d, intermediate degradation rate selected based upon 
scientific judgement of conflicting aqueous screening studies
Howard 1991).
Anaerobic degradation in water :
Anaerobic half-life:
16w - 28d, scientific judgement based upon estimated aqueous 
aerobic biodegradation half-lives (Howard 1991).
Total degradation in water :
4-18% by BOD
period: 28d
substance: 100 mg/l
sludge: 30 mg/l
(MITI 1992)
Ready biodegradability :
Confirmed to be non-biodegradable (Anon. 1987).
Bioconcentration factor, fishes :
33  33 - 275, 8w, Cyprinus carpio, conc 0.2 mg/l,
31  31 - 207, 8w, Cyprinus carpio, conc 0.02 mg/l,
207  MITI 1992
Other information of bioaccumulation :
Confirmed to be non-accumulative or low accumulative (Anon.
LC50 values to fishes, mg/l :
18  48hr, Oryzias latipes, MITI 1992
7.72  96 hr, Pimephales promelas, Geiger et al. 1986

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